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Galvanised Lockable Wine Rack - Farrow & Jackson London

Galvanised Lockable Wine Rack - Farrow & Jackson London

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W: 64cm (25.2")H: 122cm (48")D: 43cm (16.9")


Antique c.1940 Galvanised & Pine Lockable Wine Rack made by the famous Farrow & Jackson.

Plaque situated centrally at the top "FARROW & JACKSON LTD MAKERS LONDON"

Holds 72 bottles. 6 across & 12 down.

All in good condition but unpolished for this price.  A small section at the very bottom front of the galvanised section is going a little green (shown on the photographs) that section could do with a sand & the back very right pine strutt has got damp for a 2" section THE REST IS VERY GOOD. This has obviously stood on a damp floor for a while.

If you want this polished the price is £245. I havent done it as if it is going in a cellar it isnt necessary..looks perfectly good & will do its job well as it is.

Has to be collected or sent by courier.

Any questions please contact me. Thank you.