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Late Victorian Pine Plate Rack with Handy Cup Rack

Late Victorian Pine Plate Rack with Handy Cup Rack

Code: 14325


W: 63cm (24.8")H: 78cm (30.7")D: 23cm (9.1")


Genuine Late Victorian Pine Plate Rack.  Cleaned but un-waxed to leave the lovely used honey colour pine exposed.

Meat plates/larger plates go the right. There are two tiers the top tier holds 8 modern size dinner plates, the lower tier holds slightly smaller plates or side plates and then an unusual cup shelf along the base.
It freestands well but if you want to wall hang it (and we have to do this often) we add on 2" blocks to the back (not noticeable from the front) which gives it extra depth just so the plates sit in and hold in properly. Obviously when it freestands part of the plate hangs out of the back..people assume you just hang these plate racks but the extra 2" in reclaimed pine on the back does the trick..we also add hooks to wall hang.
Many of these plate racks as this one are open at the top, it is how they always were BUT we can add a reclaimed pine top (you won`t notice it wasn`t always there) & it does give a very useable shelf top.
Price as it is £235 but ready to wall hang with shelf top is £255.
Collection or courier UK £45