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Victorian Large Cast Iron Lion - With Unicorn

Victorian Large Cast Iron Lion - With Unicorn

Code: 17385


W: 69cm (27.2")H: 35.5cm (14")D: 14cm (5.5")


Wonderful large and heavy Victorian Cast Iron Lion in lovely condition....they always come in a pair with a Unicorn...I have the Unicorn but she has had her horn damaged so she will come with the lion as they have always been together but the price is just for the Lion (she is coming with him for free).

You will see on the last photograph they come with two supports, these supports at one time were joined to them and made them very large boot scrapers to stand outside someones main door. They stand perfectly well without the supports & if you stand them either side of a fireplace wont attach them as they make them too deep but they can come with them too. If you did want to attach them one needs a replacement screw.

Collection or Courier. Courier is £45 (for Lion or Both) Not including Scotland.