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Victorian Pine Huffer Cupboard

Victorian Pine Huffer Cupboard

Code: 16138


W: 108cm (42.5")H: 100.5cm (39.6")D: 39cm (15.4")


Wonderful Condition Victorian Pine Huffer Cupboard. These cupboards were used in large Country House Kitchens (originally they had a metal mesh back or no back) and they were carried to stand infront of the kitchen fire full of plates to warm them.

This Huffer is in lovely condition...the pine is a rich deep colour...and the interior is still completely original with its tin lining which was added to retain the heat. It has its original pine feet & iron side carrying handles. A back has been added but been on there since the 1930/40s. 

A great cupboard...not often found and definately not in this condition. The depth listed as 39cm includes the feet the actual cupboard has a width of 33.5cm.

Collection or Courier. UK £50 (not including Scotland)