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Rare Victorian Government 1 Pint Measure Checking Mugs

Rare Victorian Government 1 Pint Measure Checking Mugs

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W: 11cm (4.3")H: 11.5cm (4.5")D: 13cm (5.1")


Two being solid separately. Rare and especially rare to be in this condition....Government Pint Checking Mugs...In 1826 Government passed a Weights and Measures act which changed the way liquids were sold. An example of this was in pubs...tankards were lined with more pewter that a pint of beer was a little under, many tricks etc. These measures were used by the Government to check that a Pint being sold (of anything) was actually a standard pint as these are.

One is in mint condition and priced at £115, the other one although excellent has a very small intact hairline 3mm long (which I cant actually find now) just on the edge of the lip at the back and little mark underneath..all shown on the photographs this one is £85. The more expensive find is a rare find!

These are nearly always chipped and crazed as they were not well looked after items.

Post each one is £4.45