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The Rare Edwardian Eddystone Milk Boiler

The Rare Edwardian Eddystone Milk Boiler

Code: 10132


W: 11.5cm (4.5")H: 18.5cm (7.3")D: 11.5cm (4.5")


The SO hard to find! Edwardian Eddystone White Ironstone Milk Boiler in superb condition. A rare item.

These are much larger than most milk savers with a lovely loop handle to the top. On the front under a crown "THE EDDYSTONE MILK BOILER REGd No 526628 GOURMET & CO LONDON"
Very good hairlines one minuscule nibble (flea bite) on the edge to the front...hardly noticeable just have to mention.
Can be wrapped & posted first class signed for, for £6.80