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Victorian Pine Bank of 72 Arched Top Pigeon Holes


Code: 10273


W: 127cm (50")H: 109.5cm (43.1")D: 24.5cm (9.6")

FANTASTIC original piece of Victorian Pine.

All original bank of 72 arched top pigeon holes. Dovetailed construction..original plinth to the base. Good solid back...& no worm. One little arch replaced but they must have then found the original arch as it is in the very bottom right pigeon hole.

I haven`t waxed them as they look just as they did when they came out of the country house they have lived in for years! they would polish up though if you wanted them too.

If I had room they would be in my kitchen...perfect for holding small mugs...spice bottles...CDs etc etc.

So heavy and will need to be collected or sent by courier. £55 Central UK.