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Edwardian Toleware Advertising Clock - Nestles Swiss Milk For All Time


Code: 15323


W: 47.5cm (18.7")H: 47.5cm (18.7")D: 8cm (3.1")

You dont find these original Edwardian Toleware Advertising Clocks Often.

This one is advertising NESTLE & around the face NESTLE'S SWISS MILK FOR ALL TIME and then at 9pm and 3pm RICHEST IN CREAM.

Hook at the back to hang and the original workings and with a key it will tick but needs a full service to get it properly working and guaranteed. 

1. The price of £575 is as it is and you take it to a clock man.

2. Sold completely working and serviced (I take to my clock man and I pay to have this done) Total price. £695

3. I take it to my clock man and have a quartz battery added to the back (which is what I did with mine) I know its not original but no-one knows from the front & you can then hang the clock and it keeps perfect time for as long as the quartz battery lasts.  When this is done the original mechanism is kept so you can transfer it back or if you sell the clock you have the original mechanism to keep with the clock. Price £650.

Post is Parcel Force 48 for £12.98