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Victorian c.1890 Restored Milkmaid Milk Advertising Clock - Working


Code: 16141


W: 44cm (17.3")H: 44cm (17.3")D: 11.5cm (4.5")

Collectable Victorian c.1890 MILKMAID MILK Advertising Clock, complete with pendulum and key and fully working. 

The back retains the original instructions of how to wind the clock and the back is all original. The face surround although original has been repainted & the clock face and screws look replaced to me too. The glass and hinge are original. The face was probably very scratched as was the surround.

These clocks are now reaching £1000 plus and the last photograph is current and shows one that is much more expensive - I have priced this clock to just get my money back as although fully working I only sell original pieces and this has been restored.

Has to be collected or sent by courier.