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Unusual Early 20th Century Wooden Shop Sign - Bikes - Deliveries


Code: 16585


W: 53.5cm (21.1")H: 45cm (17.7")D: 3.8cm (1.5")

Never had anything like this before....sold to me as a Shops Trade Sign...a trademans bike shop...or to show the Baker did deliveries etc. I honestly dont know. It dates to c.1920 & it is hand made. Wonderful iron wheels and shaped wooden body and bike parts all nailed together. Double sided, both sides have their original paint...the back is slightly more faded and the man is missing his foot that side. The back wheel has a pulley so whether something was attached to the pulley to make the back wheel go round.

Either way...a great size to display. Lovely faded aged original paint. 

Can be wrapped well and posted Parcel Force 48 for £12.98