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Rare Late Victorian White Ironstone Lipton Shop's Display Slab


Code: 16726


W: 39cm (15.4")H: 3.5cm (1.4")D: 24cm (9.4")

A rare to c.1880 - Wonderful white ironstone LIPTONs shop advertising slab. In 1871 Thomas Lipton used all his savings to buy his first shop in Glasgow & by 1880 just nine years later he had 200 stores. In 1890 he thought the price of tea was too expensive so he bought his own tea gardens in Ceylen (now Sri Lanka) and packaged and sold the first Liptons Tea using the slogan "Direct from the tea gardens to the teapot".

This slab would have displayed goods that were sold in his Grocers shop and remains in very good condition. Lovely to have LIPTON across the top. There has been some small professional repair to the underside only where there were a few small chips on the stand. This was done as it is such a wonderful piece it is now fit to display for another 140 years!

Can be wrapped and posted Special Delivery Next Day Tracked and Signed for, for £28.